Quality policy

We put the achievement of quality goals at the forefront of our operations. The success of these efforts is based on the following values, actions, and goals.



We highly respect human dignity in relationships with customers, associates, and other stakeholders.

We highly value reciprocity and helping each other.

Mutual respect, collaboration, and learning are the foundations of the organizational climate in the company.

Innovation, efficiency, and proactivity are the basis of our successful work.

We manage resources and processes responsibly.

We set challenging goals and achieve them.

Customer satisfaction is enhanced by our work and not by surveys.



We meet all legal requirements and other positive regulations that determine the framework of our company.

We nurture partnerships with customers and other participants.

We perform all processes in a qualitative and concrete manner.

We use our available resources wisely.

We strive for comprehensive education and training.



Improving business results.

Nurturing a good attitude of employees towards the work, co-workers, and tasks.

Upgrading our system for managing tasks and measures in the field of process management.

Strictly adhering to the environmental commitments made.

Promoting fundamental principles of environmental protection, including social responsibility, continuous improvement in environmental management, preventive actions, meeting regulatory requirements and monitoring environmental indicators, commitment to environmental policy and sustainable development.