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Designed for military and police, Sniper collection lies in the heart of our FireCat family of prestigious products, modified to suit the future. The collection offers complete ballistic protection, lightweight ergonomic optimization, and many detailed features tailored for police and military work.


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Sniper collection is recognized for its superior ratio of the highest quality ballistic protection and design that ensures smooth movement across the terrain in harsh conditions.

Especially the military Sniper line, which envisions a user wearing heavy combat equipment, had its materials carefully selected. We tailored modern cut designs to relieve the wearer of the outfit as much as possible, without compromising an important ballistic protection function.

As soldiers face work in extreme circumstances, long work hours and increased stress, we have enriched the Sniper military equipment with our revolutionary cooling effect to provide the user with optimum working conditions.


Fully ergonomically optimized equipment does not necessarily mean a disadvantage in design. The Sniper police collection brings a more elegant, modern style to the field of police equipment.

Styling of the suit complements its functionality so the many details of the garment add both aesthetics and efficiency. Ballistic protection, light and soft equipment, and details tailored for police work, at the same time preserve the traditional features of police garment, while upgrading it to a modern level.

The suit also incorporates our cooling system, which can handle even the most extreme working conditions.

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