Protected from
the unexpected

Wear it. Work it. Win.


The future is now. We help you dress accordingly.


Designed for dangerous jobs. Stay on fire – leave your clothes out of it.


First-class collection specialized for military and police.


All-purpose, yet customized. It satisfies your every need.


Slovenian national hunting team’s first choice.


For industry workers with elaborate vision and impeccable style.

Your safety in our hands.

With years of experience, professional expertise and high ambitions, our company is happy to take on any of the latest challenges. We specialize in design and manufacture of custom-made protective workwear.


WiFi, Bluetooth, Xbee, GSM, UHF/UWB
“Rescue-Me” scenario in critical situations

External sensors

Gas, Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure

Ergonomic protection

No repetition induced injuries
Alt Text

Indoor location

Micro position: standing, lying
Visual and audible alarm in critical situations

Internal sensors

Temperature, Heartbeat, Breathing, Humidity

Data storage

Intervention analysis black box

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