“Smart and Fire” firefighting intervention clothing

The need to develop personal protective equipment for rescue has increased to a large extent in the EU in the last decade. That Slovenia is competitive in the textile industry with a focus on the development and production of personal protective equipment is reflected in the fact that we lead one of the four European consortiums which are developing a prototype of “smart firefighting intervention clothing”. We have been successfully selected in a call for tender by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) in Brussels and the “smart&fire team”, who together with European firefighters defined the conditions and requirements for the final product, which must be functional to use, safe for firefighters in extreme environmental conditions and easy to maintain.

A consortium of companies composed of Prevent&Deloza and Titera from Slovenia, Óbuda University, Faculty of Informatics and BiotekLab from Hungary as well as Inteligente Textil Produkte from Germany, develops personal protective equipment with integrated sensors for precaution, control and prevention of possible injuries during the rescue. It is planned that the prototype will be tested in cooperation with the firefighter school in Ig and professional firefighters from Koper and Ljubljana later this year.

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