“The focus of our business is to define policies as well as to set and achieve the goals of quality.

The success of our efforts is based on the following:


We are proud to be a part of this successful company.

We have a high respect for human dignity, and dignity of our customers or colleagues.

I help with what a co-worker cannot do on their own, and if I cannot do it, I also expect help.

Mutual respect, cooperation and learning are the basis of the organizational culture in the company.

Innovation, efficiency and a proactive behaviour are the bases of our successful work.

We handle resources and processes with responsibility.

We set ambitious goals and realize them.

We strengthen customer satisfaction with our own work and not with surveys.

We do not discuss problems with clients and co-workers, but look for solutions.

Constructive criticism is expressed as a suggestion for improvement.

We emphasize the excellence of performance in everything we do.



Maintaining partnerships with customers and other stakeholders.

Implementing all the procedures and processes in a high-quality and fair manner.

Taking care of good and connected operations.

Using the available means and resources in a reasonable way.

Making efforts for comprehensive education and training.

Taking care of the working environment at all company locations.”

  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate

    “The company has had a quality management system established since 2000.

    At Prevent &amp; Deloza, we are proud of our company, customers, employees and business partners. We distinguish ourselves by continuously striving to improve the quality, which is the fundamental asset of our business operations. The ability to compete is established by <strong>our quality policy</strong>, which is an integral part of the company’s business policy. High-quality input materials as well as our know-how in the development and production of protective work wear are the basis for the confidence of our business partners. The professional qualifications of our staff, an appropriate level of technological equipment and the tidiness of the business and working environment are the basic parameters of the quality level of the company. The satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders and the wider social environment is the basic mission of Prevent &amp; Deloza d.o.o.

    The management’s primary concern is also employee safety, safe work procedures and the provision of safe working conditions.

    Continuing education and training enable us to make maximum use of the creative potential of all our employees. Education is the most important long-term corrective means of improving competitiveness, partner satisfaction, stability and the successful operation of the company.

    The management encourages and directs improvements with regard to quality at all levels by providing environmental protection as well as health and safety at work. Taking care of permanent and continuous quality improvement is a fundamental task of the company’s management.”

  • ISO SME Excellence certificate

    “The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce awarded a certificate of business excellence to Prevent&Deloza d.o.o. “Excellent SME Slovenia”.

    The online certificate of “Excellent SME Slovenia” is a recognition and proof of excellent business operations, which the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the established credit report house Coface, Slovenia, issues to the best medium, small and micro enterprises.

    Benefits of certification for our company:

    Certificate holders gain increased security of operations, increased confidence and make better and quicker business decisions with less risk for customers and business partners.

    The main purpose of issuing the certificate is to increase transparency on the market, promote good companies, safe business operations and good business practices. The certificate holder acquires credibility in business.

    We are very proud of this certificate and we hope that with this we have made a further step to strengthen your confidence to cooperate with us.”

  • Rating of excellence

    “Trust and credibility are rare characteristics today. Given the combination of different factors that affect the environment, it is difficult today to find a trusted business entity. As a holder of the certificate of excellence you will recognize an excellent business partner in us.

    Excellence is achieved by:

    risking more than others believe is safe,

    dreaming more than others believe is practical,

    and expecting more than others believe is possible.

    We have the courage to experience something new!